Entrepreneurial Executive Forums

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The Next Level is Closer Than You Think.

Renaissance Executive Forums brings together Business Owners to gain fresh ideas and new insights. 

Lifelong Learners Wanted

Bi-Monthly Forum Meeting • Members in Renaissance Executive Forums meet bi-monthly for a half day in groups of approximately 8-12. Led by your Forum Leader, this environment is designed to address the unique opportunities and challenges you face as an Entrepreneurial Executive.

Next LevelOne-On-One Executive Coaching • Once a quarter, you will meet one-on-one with your Forum Leader. This meeting will be focused on your goals and objectives.

Annual Planning & Strategy Retreat • Once a year, your Forum group will hold an annual off-site retreat. This retreat will be designed around setting annual goals, objectives, and strategies.

Growth Through Participation

Executives and their companies join Renaissance Executive Forums as a means to reach the next level. This experience provides:

  • Fresh ideas for expansion and growth
  • ReachPerspective for addressing challenges
  • Improved decision making
  • Learning from the experiences of others
  • Personal and professional planning
  • Leading edge management strategies and techniques
  • An alternative/addition to the traditional Board of Directors
  • A platform to develop a successful exit strategy
  • A chance to give back to others
  • Networking opportunities
  • Peace of mind